Injustice Girl Prevails

marinda, 30 October 2008, 1 comment
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I wanted to give everyone an update on Injustice Girl’s latest quest for justice.  I spent all of last week trying to get in touch with the supervisor that I was told I would have to talk to.  On Friday, I was finally told that he was out of town for the week and would be back on Monday.  Information that I could have used earlier in the week.  So I began to call on Monday with no luck.  On Tuesday afternoon, I finally talked to the supervisor.  I told him my story and explained to him that I was not a happy customer.  He asked what it would take to make me happy.  I told him that I would like the $55.00 we were charged for the incorrect report and the $33.50 we were out for the restocking fee on the part we returned.  He called me back today and told me he was refunding my $55.00 and would give me a free oil change and tire rotation to make up for the money we had lost on the parts we bought.  I thought this was a fair offer and accepted.  He was very kind and apologetic on the phone and I greatly appreciated the customer service that was provided.  He apologized that I had to waste my time calling him in the first place because he thought my money should have been refunded when the mistake was pointed out. 

I’m hanging my cape up for now, but not for good.  I’m sure I’ll spot injustice somewhere that will need my help.


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  1. Kym
    30 October 2008, 6:52 am

    LOVE IT!!! So proud of my best friend, Injustice Girl and I’m glad she’s on my side!!!

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