Rookie Mistake

marinda, 22 November 2008, No comments
Categories: Motherhood

Several nights ago, our family went out for dinner.  Before we headed home, I needed to make a quick stop at the grocery store.  In the parking lot of the restaurant Alan put Eli into his car seat and I loaded the baby bag into the back and released the balloon that the nice people inside had given us.  During the ride to the grocery store, Alan and I had great conversation and we didn’t hear a peep from Eli, which is not that unusual.  As we looked for a parking space, we noticed a little body had appeared between us.  Standing between the two front seats was our fourteen month old.  Apparently he was looking for his cup.  Alan parked the van as we marveled at the genius of our son in figuring out how to unbuckle himself.  Alan said, “Either he figured out how to unbuckle himself our you didn’t do a very good job buckling him in.”  Then I said, “I didn’t buckle him in, you did.”  Then Alan said, “I thought you buckled him in.” 

Well, needless to say neither of us will do any more assuming when it comes to car safety, but we sure got a good laugh out of it.  We have no idea how long Eli had been out of his seat, but knowing our little adventurer, he probably thoroughly explored the back seat before making his presence known to us. 

Anyone want to share any “rookie mistakes” they’ve made in parenting?  I could use another laugh.


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