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marinda, 22 March 2009, No comments
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First day on the potty

First day on the potty

I guess its true that having kids changes everything.  Today we began potty training Eli and I caught of glimpse of myself in the mirror doing a pee-pee celebration dance this afternoon and it wasn’t even embarrassing.  First thing after breakfast this morning, Alan put Eli on his potty and lo and behold he poo-pooed in the potty.  We were so excited that Alan took pictures.  I know, I know….it’s weird.  But we want to capture all his firsts, even the disgusting ones.  :)   When he woke up from his nap, I sat him on the potty again.  First, he collected a fine collection of reading material to take with him, including some Veggie Tales, Elmo books, and a few classics from Dr. Seuss.  How did he know that people read in the bathroom?  I had just began reading him his favorite Elmo book and his potty chair started playing music, indicating that he had in fact gone pee-pee in the potty.  Both mommy and daddy began to clap and celebrate, which made Eli start clapping and get excited.  Then he got to pick three jelly beans from the jar, which really made him happy.  Later this evening we were driving down the road and he was saying “happy day” “happy day” over and over again and I had to agree with him.  A day filled with pee-pee dances, poo-poo pictures, singing toilets, and jellybeans certainly is a happy day.  Let the celebration begin!


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