Cell Phones and the Loss of Common Sense

marinda, 07 April 2009, 2 comments
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Several weeks ago, Alan and I went out to dinner to one of my favorite local restaurants.  While waiting to be seated we notice, not one, but two signs saying to turn off your cell phone and talking on cell phones inside the restaurant was prohibited.  We weren’t at a fancy restaurant, mind you.  We were at a catfish house, where the silverware is kept in silver buckets on the table.  I’m not knocking the place, but I thought it was an odd place to have a ban on cell phones.  Because we had left Eli with family while we were out and also because Alan and I still have a tad of rebellion  in us, not only was the cell phone not turned off, but we put out on the table.  When the waitress came over and eyed the cell phone, Alan explained to her that we needed to be available for our son in case of an emergency.  And then came the question:  “Why is this rule necessary?”  According to our server, loud cell phone talkers had gotten out of control and many were using language that was offensive to others. 

Skip to just a few weeks ago.  I drove up to Chick-fil-a to pick up some breakfast for Alan and me and immediately noticed a new sign added to the drive-through.  It said, “Courtesy please:  Stay off cell phones.”  Apparently, once again, cell phone users were now reeking havoc on the drive through with their out of control behavior.

Last week we met some friends at a restaurant for dinner.  During the meal, I needed to take Eli into the bathroom to change his diaper.  While doing this, a girl entered the stall next to me talking loudly on her cell phone.  So while taking care of my business, I also got to get the update on her love life and who she was currently not speaking to.  Then it happened:  the F bomb was dropped.  Then again.  I had had enough.  It was one thing to be annoying, but it was another to be using offensive language in front of a child who repeats everything.  So I said in a loud voice, “Could you PLEASE stop using the F word in front of my son.”  She was either a really good ignorer, or she didn’t hear me over her incessant chatter.  So I said again but she continued.  If I could have painted a sign I would have slid it under the stall door.  She apparently thought she was in a phone booth and not a public bathroom. 

Cell phones and a lack of common sense do not mix.  The problem has apparently reached the boardrooms of corporate America because I am seeing signs pop up all over about appropriate cell phone use.  Seriously????  When did signing up for cell phone service include handing over your brain?  Can we not figure out when it is appropriate to use a cell phone anymore? 

And if all is not enough, last Sunday in church our pastor was praying for a church member and the teenage girl in front of me is texting.  What in the world is so important that a text couldn’t wait until AMEN. 

Next thing you know, Congress will be holding hearings on the matter and passing some sort of law on the subject.  (Sigh)  Cell phone technology is the future and apparently common sense is a thing of the past.


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  1. Beth
    05 May 2009, 9:42 pm

    You are so right. The next generation has been totally raised on cell phones and it will be interesting to see how this affects their social skills.

    Thanks for the praise! I needed it today!

  2. Maggie
    20 February 2010, 6:18 pm

    I agree with your post. I have heard co-workers talk to CLIENTS while doing their business in the restroom at work. What the heck? Common sense should tell that person that clients need to wait for a phone call AFTER that business is tended to.

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